Doggie Daycare

Our outdoor doggie daycare provides your dog with exercise and socialization in a supervised setting. This type of supervised play allows for a positive outlet for your dogs energy. We evaluate each dog's temperament and select an appropriate playgroup to encourage the best experience for everyone. Large play yards and special turf create a healthy and fun environment for your pet. Sail shade, baby pools and sprayers provide comfort in the warm weather. We encourage you to monitor daily weather reports to determine if play is appropriate for your pet on any given day. Rain or shine, dogs are outdoors during doggie daycare. They will be brought in on a temporary basis and housed communally during thunderstorms or threat of tornado.Just like our boarding, we will ensure every dog in daycare have the recommended vaccinations, tests and are flea free to provide to a healthy and happy play facility.

Daycare hours are 7:00 am- 7:00 pm (Monday- Friday) and 8:00 am- 4:00 pm (Saturday). Doggie Daycare is closed on Sunday. Pet's remaining in our care after close of Daycare on weekdays will be set up for boarding over night and will be ready for pickup the next business day. If your pet remains at daycare after close of play, then there will be an additional charge assessed to your account.

Check out our complete Doggie Daycare Brochure for prices, vaccination requirements and special discounts.

Please review our Doggie Daycare Policies.

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