"Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet" - Colette

Every patient and client of ours is special and we appreciate the trust you have in us. We maintain nationally recognized accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association which provides added assurance that we uphold the highest standards of care to ensure every pet receives the very best. When you walk in our lobby, you will see we have something very unique to offer. Our calm, warm and inviting atmosphere introduces you to a state-of-the art veterinary hospital that provides medical care beyond that of your typical veterinary office. Inside you will find everything you need from professional grooming and luxury boarding to retail pet foods and pet toys. We offer specialized medical treatments and routine wellness care. From 6 weeks to 16 years, and everything in between and beyond, our team will make sure your pets' care is exceptional in every way.

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Wellness & Mobile Care

Examination A wellness exam plays a vital role in the early detection of medica... [ read more ]

Pet Bathing & Grooming

We employ a full-time groomer to tend to all of your professional dog and cat g... [ read more ]

Specialized Therapies for Pets

Therapeutic Laser for Dogs and Cats Therapy laser is a non-invasive treatment used ... [ read more ]

Pet Surgery & Diagnostics

Our surgical and diagnostic capabilities for dogs and cats and other pets contin... [ read more ]


Your pet's dental health not only affects your pet's teeth but also other vital organs... [ read more ]

Doggie Daycare

Our outdoor doggie daycare provides your dog with exercise and socialization in a super... [ read more ]


Boarding can provide comfort, attention and customized care for your pet while ... [ read more ]


While there are things you can do to help prevent some forms of cancer by spaying and n... [ read more ]