Veterinary Assistants


Veterinary Assistant - Supervisor

Joined the AAH team,  June 2009

I was born in New Jersey but relocated to Wilmington to attend UNC-Wilmington. I have grown up around mostly cats but enjoy all animals. While Atlantic Animal Hospital is not the first veterinary office I have worked at, I am glad to be a part of this family. The unconditional love and companionship that animals provide has helped steer my career path. My position here provides me amazing experiences which I hope will prepare me for attending veterinary school someday.


Veterinary Assistant

Joined the AAH team,  July 2022


Veterinary Assistant

Joined the AAH team,  July 2023


Patient Care Attendant

Joined the AAH team,  February 2023


Veterinary Assistant

Joined the AAH team,  February 2021

I’m from Columbus, Ohio, but moved to Wilmington while in high school. My family moved here because the city is so great! I love how beautiful animals are inside and out, and I have a strong desire to protect them. My experience began as a volunteer at my local zoo, and have worked in all pet related fields, but working at Atlantic has been one of the most educational experiences I’ve had! I came to work at Atlantic because I recognized a safe, clean, and experienced pet care environment! When I’m not learning at work I’m at home spending time with my own pets!


Veterinary Assistant

Joined the AAH team,  March 2018
Fun facts about you? I originally went to school for human medicine but found working with animals was best suited for me ☺️
Tell us about your pets: Ernie is a 4 year old Golden retriever I have had since he was 10 weeks old. Miguel is a 4 year old Xoloitzcuintli/Dachshund mix that I adopted during May 2020. Last but not least, Theodore is a 4 year old eyeless orange and white kitty I inherited from a coworker shortly after getting Miguel!
What is your dream pet? I feel like I already have my dream pets but would love to own a female standard Xoloitzcuintli or female Golden Retriever.
What made you want to work with animals? I have always been a huge animal lover and when I started here I did not have any pets of my own. I missed being around animals so getting a job working with them just made sense ❤️
Favorite thing about Atlantic: I have many things I love about Atlantic! I love how much I have learned (and am still learning) in the time I have been here. I love my coworkers and doctors that I get to work with every day. My very favorite thing though is the special bonds you create over time with pets and their parents ❤️

Veterinary Assistant

Re-joined the AAH team,  June 2022
Name and/or nickname at work? Kelsi
Fun facts about you? I was born and raised in Wilmington!
Tell us about your pets: Tizzy Marie- 7 year old sassy hound mix, Kamdyn Ray- 6 year old German Shepherd, Heidi Mae- 4 year old princess shih-tzu, Maverick Dean- 2 year old cleft palate frenchie, Groot- 1 (almost) year old American bully, Luna Bean- 1 year old pittbull/coonhound mix, Fefe- 4 year old long haired orange cat; Yes… I know it’s a zoo.
What is your dream pet? My dream pet is a Münsterländer
What made you want to work with animals? I started out working at a doggie daycare and knew my long term career was going to be with animals! Then I decided to move over to the medical side and now I’ll never do anything else!
How long have you been at Atlantic? Since November 2018
Favorite thing about Atlantic? Building relationships with our clients and their pets, and always learning new things daily!

Veterinary Assistant

Joined the AAH team,  March 2022


Patient Care Attendant

Joined AAH April 2024