Wellness & Mobile Care


A wellness exam plays a vital role in the early detection of medical conditions and is key in disease prevention. During your pet's examination, we learn your expectations as a pet owner and establish what we hope will be a lifelong relationship. We will discuss your pet's health, make recommendations for your pets care and answer your questions. As a comprehensive veterinary hospital, we believe that a wellness exam aids in the optimal health of your pet.


Routine vaccinations are an effective way to prevent the most common infectious diseases. At Atlantic Animal Hospital, vaccine programs are tailored individually to each pet. We will create a vaccination plan that is suited to your pet's exposure, travel, boarding plans and health status. Since these factors can change overtime, it is best we review these at each wellness exam. We can discuss your pet's lifestyle, future plans and modify our recommendations to provide the optimal care to your pet.

Parasite Prevention

Even healthy pets are at risk for acquiring a parasite infection. Fleas, heartworms, ticks and intestinal parasites can be easy to prevent and in house testing can provide a prompt diagnosis so that your pet can get appropriate treatment. Most parasites can be prevented with monthly medication. We offer a variety of the highest quality and safest parasite preventatives available. We will discuss these products with you and make a recommendation based on your pets needs.


For your convenience, and to expedite the initiation of necessary medical treatment, we have a well stocked in-house pharmacy offering a wide range of medications, over-the-counter pet care products and supplements to meet your pets' needs. If your pet requires a medication we do not carry, we offer a variety of convenient options to get it for them. We work with both local and national compounding pharmacies that can formulate a medication to include options like flavored oral liquids, tablets, capsules, transdermal gels and chewable flavored medications. And if you want to refill a medication, it can be as easy as requesting a refill through your personalized patient portal, or purchasing through our online store.

Mobile Veterinary Care

Our mobile veterinary serviced offers the superior care you have come to expect from Atlantic Animal Hospital in the comfort of your own home. So if you have a busy work schedule or an anxious pet, we can help make sure that your furry family members get the care they need when they need it.

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Wellness & Mobile Care

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