Taking the fear out of a car ride for your dog

Some dogs love to go on car rides and you actually have to try to keep them home when you go to run your errands. But what about that dog who hides under the bed at the mention of that dreaded phrase "you want to go for a ride"?

If your dog fears car rides, like a cat to water, then try these this to ease them in to a more enjoyable experience for you both. Even if you don't drive around with Fido often, it certainly could make a trip to the vet a little less stressful on you both.

Your dog has a fear of something so slowly start making it less scary. Chances are, every time he/she has gotten in the car it is to go to the vet for some poking and prodding, or to be bathed and clipped. Take them for a car ride to everywhere fun. In Wilmington, most banks, coffee shops, and drive thrus give treats to those canine copilots. Take them for a ride just to go on errands and get treats at each stop. Don't let it be about them getting anything except love and attention.

Once they are a little less hesitant about the car, drive them to your vet office just for love and treats. Veterinary staff will shower them with affection and your pet doesn't have to be coming in for services to be entitled to those pats.

So next time you are shooting out to get your cup of coffee, donuts or drop off that deposit, take Rover with you for the ride.

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