Stay at Home order closes some services!

The "Stay at Home" order indicates additional changes in the services we can provide at this time. As an essential service provider, we have a responsibility to reduce our services to those medically necessary. Based on the guidance of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board, we cannot offer grooming/, bathing (nail clipping/anal gland expression) and daycare services. Day Boarding and boarding services should be provided on a case-by-case basis for those clients who are essential employees and need their pet's cared for while providing essential services (i.e doctors, nurses, first responder) or those pet parents who are experiencing a medical emergency themselves and they cannot care for their pet at this time.

We understand how limiting this is for our clients and appreciate how much everyone is doing to reduce exposure. Our focus is to be able to have a healthy staff here to provide needed medical care to your pets. We wish you a sheltered, but healthy, few weeks and look forward to seeing everyone back to their normal activities soon!

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Partial statement from the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board:

Essential Services: Veterinarians are reminded that under the recommended COVID-19 "shelter in place" protocols, visits should be limited only to those patients requiring frequent follow-up care, and sick or emergency patients. It is up to the DVM in charge of the case to determine if treatment and services are essential for that animal. Non-essential visits (those that can be reasonably postponed given the health of the patient) and elective procedures should be delayed.

Boarding: This service is generally considered as non-essential. However, if a health provider needs their pet boarded/day care to allow for them to work it would be considered essential.

Grooming: This service is considered as non-essential. This is consistent with the closure of barbers, hair salons, etc. across the State.

Your responsibility as a DVM and a health care provider: The "shelter in place" and "stay at home" decrees were put into place for a very important reason. It is important for all DVMs to realize that being deemed as an essential business comes with an important responsibility. Please do you part to help mitigate and control this deadly virus. Don't forget that the services that you include as essential will potentially place the following people (and their families) at risk: the client, your employees, and yourself

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