Spring is near!

With Spring on the horizon, it is important to take inventory of springtime hazards that can affect your pets. From spring cleaning to Easter treats, make sure your pet is top of mind.

Easter Treats and Decorations

Easter Lilies, Easter grass and chocolate candies all pose a health hazard to your pet. Whether a toxicity or an obstructed digestive tract, be mindful to keep these items out of reach.

Open Windows

Breezy days and comfortable weather are ideal for opening windows to let the outside in. Be sure you have snug fitting screens to reduce the chance your kitty jumps through or falls out of the window.

Spring Cleaning

Some look forward to it and others dread it, but spring cleaning can be a time-honored tradition in many households. Almost all cleaning products contain chemicals harmful to pets. Following label directions for proper use and storage is key in keeping your pet safe.


Fertilizers and insecticides are made to keep our plants healthy and green but may be harmful if your pet ingests them. Always store these products where your pets cannot get to them and follow handing directions carefully.

*If you suspect your pet has come in contact with a potentially poisonous substance, contact us at 910-256-2624 or call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center immediately at 888-426-4435.

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