Grain-Free diets and what you need to know.

NBC News recently broadcast a story regarding the FDA investigating a link between grain-free pet foods and a heart condition known as Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). To watch the story, click here. While research is on-going, we wanted to assure you we are staying informed on this important new information and our role in helping pet owners make the best choices for their pets. While the report did not note any specific pet food brands we encourage you to do your research on the food you provide your pet. Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University posted a guide on "Questions You Should Be Asking About Our Pet's Food". This article arms pet parents with great questions to ask so you can identify reputable pet food manufacturers in your pursuit of the best for your pet. In addition, we have sought out the answers to many of these questions for the grain-free diets we carry.

Natural Balance released the following information to our staff:

Natural Balance representatives also informed us they employ multiple full-time professionals with advanced degrees in Animal Nutrition and Animal Health as well as have a veterinary nutritionist on staff. These professionals are directly involved in the development of their recipes and feeding instructions. Recipes are formulated meeting AAFCO nutrient profiles, they have an ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory and foods are manufactured in the USA . You can also review all of the testing on your pet's current bag of food by going to the website at

Diamond Naturals

Diamond Pet Foods, who produces the Diamond Care line that we carry offered the following information to us:

They employ both a full-time animal nutritionist and veterinarian who are directly involved in the development of their pet food recipes. Diamond Care meets all AAFCO nutritional guidelines and they conduct feeding trials through Summit Ridge Farms. Prior to the FDA report they adjusted some of their formulas which included adding taurine. Food currently being produced has this addition and nutritional labeling is being updated to reflect this. More information on their diets, nutritional information and ingredients can be found on their website You may also contact their customer care line at 1-844-813-2116 and speak with one of their representatives.

If you are concerned your pet may have a health problem, feel their diet may not be appropriate or need assistance, please contact our office at 910-256-2624.

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