Featured Testimonial- December 2017

I received a recommendation to take my two new puppies to Atlantic Animal Hospital. The citizens of my NC town are blessed to have quite a few excellent vets to take our dogs to and for that I am very grateful so when selecting a new vet as I am also new to the area I went off of a recommendation of someone who I admire and trust because she takes her two dogs to the Atlantic Animal Clinic, Their facility has always been spotless as I have been there two times for shots for my two new puppies. The front desk people are very efficient and very nice and answered every question I had as to the protocol I need to follow as a new client. And the vet techs I have interacted with in the two times I have been there have also been stellar. So my recommendation is to check the clinic out and see if it is a good fit for your dog and yourself.

- Anonymous

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