Cats vs. Carriers

Although your cat may think a carrier is a medieval form of torture, they are actually important safety devices. These are just a few reasons you should keep your cat in a carrier when they have to leave your home:

1. Keeping your cat in a carrier when traveling keeps them from being a distraction to you when driving

2. It keeps them from getting stuck under a seat.

3. They can't jump out of your arms in a frenzy and escape to a nearby woods, or worse, into traffic

4. If you are going to the vet, you never know what dog may be lurking around and scare them.

5. Keeps your upholstery clean if they decide to have an accident

6. If you are in an accident, you can scoop up a carrier more quickly then try to find the loose cat in the car. And the carrier can be buckled to the seat belt to help secure them during travel.

Need ideas on how to get them in a carrier- here is a video to help.

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