Cancer can affect any pet, any time.

It was October 2013 when Cole started limping and came in to Atlantic Animal Hospital for an exam. Mrs. Head was not prepared to find out, during Cole's routine anal gland expression, that he had a mass in his anal gland. Over the next few days, tests were completed both on the anal gland mass and Cole's toe, which was causing his limping issues. CANCER! That is what was discovered. Not one, but two different types, Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Apocrine Gland Adenocarcinoma. As expected, Mr. and Mrs. Head were worried about their sweet poodle's health, what the next few weeks or months would entail and how long he would be a part of their lives. Ten days. That is how long it took to diagnose Cole's cancers, verify they had not spread to other areas of his body and then surgically remove his left anal gland and the affected toe. Then, Chemotherapy... Mrs. Head said that Cole did well through the chemo. She elected to have him treated at Atlantic and notes that he never acted sick and was his normal happy self. According to her, he is completely fine except he cannot jump on the bed anymore. He stopped doing that after his toe was removed. Cole still comes in to Atlantic Animal Hospital, gets groomed by Lori and vacations here when his owners are out of town. Cole is still checked to make sure that the cancer has not recurred and he is currently cancer free. "All of the doctors there were great... they were very reassuring along the way and explained everything thoroughly"

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