Updates to our Boarding, Daycare and Day Boarding

Thank you for continuing to trust us with your pet's "home away from home" needs

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Holiday Hours- December 2020

Happy Holidays! We will be closing at 12:00 PM Thursday, December 24th and will be returning to normal business hours on Saturday, December 26th. If you have a animal medical emergency please contact the Animal Emergency and Trauma Hospital at (910)791... Read More

Respiratory Illness spreading Through Wilmington Pet Community

It has come to our attention that there have been some very serious cases of kennel cough spreading throughout the Wilmington community. This aggressive strain of kennel cough has caused a rapid onset of illness and has resulted in the death of at least two dogs in Wilmington. We are working ... Read More


Is your pet on any of these products? Revolution Plus, Apoquel, Cytopoint, Alphatrak, Rimadyl, Convenia for Dogs, Simparica, Simparica Trio

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Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaias Important Updates

As tropical storm Isaias nears our community we will be making the following modifications to our hours and ser

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Reopening of services!

We are excited to announce that our Doggie Daycare, Boarding and Grooming services will reopen Monday, May 11, 2020.

Please continue reading for all the details

We encourage you to sign up for our PetPage app, this wi... Read More

American Veterinary Medical Associations Current pet recommendations

We recognize the concern regarding recent news on some isolated pets testing positive for COVID-19. We want to provide you the most up to date information, from a trusted resource on what is known about COVID-19 and your pets. We appreciate your trust in us to provide you the information you ... Read More

Pay Here available for curbside service!

Please click the "Pay Here" button, enter the unique invoice ID we provided you and submit payment for the amount of services.

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Stay at Home order closes some services!

The "Stay at Home" order indicates additional changes in the services we can provide at this time. As an essential service provider, we have a responsibility to reduce our services to those medically necessary. Based on the guidance of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board, we cannot of... Read More


We appreciate your understanding, support and patience as we are all working to keep our community safe and healthy during this challenging time.

Following the CDC recommendations, we will only be allowing Atlantic Animal Hospital ... Read More

COVID-19 Response

In light of the emergence of COVID- 19 and the recommendations of the CDC, we want to do our part to ensure the safety and health of our employees, clients and their families while also making sure your pet's medical needs are met. Starting March 17, ... Read More

Grain-Free Diets and the FDA

Recently, the FDA issued an updated statement regarding it's ongoing investigation of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and it's possible association with grain-free diets.

At this point in time, we are not certain of the exact causal r... Read More

Stem Cell Therapy- Is my pet a candidate?

Stem Cell Therapy- Is my pet a candidate?

You are cordially invited to join us for our one (1) hour educational seminar on August 7th beginning at 7pm.

Atlantic Animal Hospital & Pet Care Resort and M... Read More

Laparoscopic Surgery is now available!

Laparoscopic surgery provides your pet with a minimally invasive surgical technique that offers a large range of benefits over traditional surgical techniques. Laparoscopic surgery requires only small "key-hole" incisions, which significantly reduces bo... Read More

Spring is near!

With Spring on the horizon, it is important to take inventory of springtime hazards that can affect your pets. From spring cleaning to Easter treats, make sure your pet is top of mind.

Easter Treats and Decorations

Easter Lilies, ... Read More

Caring for your pet's dental health

How often do you brush your teeth? Twice daily? Three times a day, or more? Now how about your dog's teeth, or your cat's? I'm guessing the answer would be considerably less, or maybe even not at all. You're not alone.

Periodontal ... Read More

Welcome to our new groomer!

We are pleased to announce that our new groomer will begin offering appointments next week!

Anna comes to Atlantic Animal Hospital and Pet Care Resort with over 10 years of grooming experience and a love of animals that drives her ... Read More

Atlantic Animal Hospital Receives Accreditation From AAHA

AAHA-Accredited Hospitals: Champions for Excellent Care

Did you know that accreditation for animal hospitals is voluntary? Surprising, isn't it? Nearly 60 percent of pet owners believe that their pet's veterinary hospital is accred... Read More

Grain-Free diets and what you need to know.

NBC News recently broadcast a story regarding the FDA investigating a link between grain-free pet foods and a heart condition known as Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). To watch t... Read More

Your Diabetic Pet

While diabetes management is a challenge, with the right support from you, and the medical expertise of your veterinary care team, your pet can have a great quality of life. Here are Read More

National Kids and Pets Day is April 26th!

National Kids and Pets Day is a fun day to celebrate the special bond that is held between our pets and kids. It also reminds us what pets can teach our children as they grow up. Here are some great reminders of positive child/pet interactions and some good dos and do nots for reference. <... Read More

National Kids and Pets Day is April 26th!

National Kids and Pets Day is a fun day to celebrate the special bond that is held between our pets and kids. It also reminds us what pets can teach our children as they grow up. Here are some great reminders of positive child/pet interactions and some good dos and do nots for reference. ... Read More

Featured Testimonial- December 2017

I received a recommendation to take my two new puppies to Atlantic Animal Hospital. The citizens of my NC town are blessed to have quite a few excellent vets to take our dogs to and for that I am very grateful so when selecting a new vet as I am also new to the area I went off of a recomm... Read More

Worms are for the birds!

Intestinal Parasites are gross! 1 in every 10 dogs in North Carolina tests positive for an intestinal parasite each year. These parasites can cause your pet to have diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, just to name a few... So what do you do and how can we help?

Due to the ... Read More

Safer Holidays for your pets!

Planning for the holiday guests to arrive?

Don't leave your pet's needs out of the agenda. Pet Parenting choices are different for everyone and the last thing you want is guests encouraging negative behaviors, letting your arthritic canine jump for toys, or table scraps makin... Read More

Pet Pictures with Santa!

Pet pictures make the best holiday cards. Come get your pet's pictures (or the whole family's) with Santa and benefit an amazing cause!

Saturday, November 18th at Atlantic Animal Hospital from 10am- 1pm to get your pet's picture with Santa by Eri... Read More

Enter our Pet Halloween Costume Contest!

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Cats vs. Carriers

Although your cat may think a carrier is a medieval form of torture, they are actually important safety devices. These are just a few reasons you should keep your cat in a carrier when they have to leave your home:

1. Keeping your cat in a carrier when traveling keeps them from ... Read More

Parking lot repairs!

On Friday, July 21st we will be having some repairs completed to the artificial turf area of our parking lot. This will require the blocking of several parking spaces and parts of the side walk. We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience and appreciate your patience while we co... Read More

How Canine Influenza affects your pet!

Recently, you may have heard about Canine Influenza Virus affecting animals in North Carolina. From this recent outbreak, there have been two confirmed Canine Influenza (CIV) related deaths in North Carolina. Both of which were in the Eastern part of our state. We recommend any pets that freq... Read More

Blueberry Spa Treatment now available!

Now Available!

Give your pet a premium SPA experience...

Lavish Shampoo to enrich your pets' coat

Nourishing conditioner to soften the fur and help detangle ... Read More

Hairy Situations- Tips from the Grooming Table (1)

When is it okay to shave down a double coated breed? Unless requested by a vet, I would say never! A dog's undercoat serves an important role in its health and well being. I will go through steps on how to maintain your dog's undercoat and how it's important for a dog.

Most ... Read More

Home dental care success!

February is National Pet Dental Health Month! To celebrate, and encourage improved dental health for your pet, Atlantic Animal Hospital offers 15% off your pet's dental procedure this month only! You will get the best dental care for your pet, a take home kit to help you with ... Read More

The Pearly White Club Inductees

Here are a few before and after photos of some of the pets who have improved their dental health this month! While we take a month to promote dental health, it is a year-round commitment to improving the lives and health of your pet. Dental care does not stop after we clean your pet's teeth.... Read More

Get the best dental care for your pet!

February is National Pet Dental Health Month! To celebrate, and encourage improved dental health for your pet, Atlantic Animal Hospital offers 15% off your pet's dental procedure this month only! You will get the best dental care for your pet, a take home kit to help you with home dental care... Read More

If my pet doesn't go anywhere, why do I need to have them vaccinated?

To vaccinate, or not to vaccinate, that is the question!

Well, what happens if a raccoon, deer, or other wildlife frequents your backyard? These animals carry disease that can be spread to your pet, even if they do not touch each other. Urine, feces and saliva of wildlife can tr... Read More

You nominated us, now go VOTE!

Thanks to your nomination we are finalists in

Encore Magazine's Best Of 2017!

Go vote now, and share with the community who you trust to care for your furry family.

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Holiday Planning- Pet Style - Don't give them that!

Holiday Hazards

You've heard it before, "table scraps bad, dog food good". But during the holidays, we often let the spirit of the season move us to feed snacks to our pet. It is not so much some of the specific items that you might feed are harmful but the fact if they do not g... Read More

Holiday Planning- Pet Style - The guests are arriving!

Planning for the holiday guests to arrive? Don't leave your pet's needs out of the agenda. Pet Parenting choices are different for everyone and the last thing you want is guests encouraging negative behaviors, letting your arthritic canine jump for toys, or table scraps making it in to the fo... Read More

Nominate us!?

Nominations are open for 2017 Encore Magazines "Best of"!
Go nominate your favorite veterinary office (ahem), favorite groomer (ahem), favorite place to board your pet (AHEM), and Coastal Animal Rescue Effort as the best non-profit.

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Grooming is back in business!

We are pleased to welcome our new groomer, Kyle McClellan. He is excited to meet all of our clients and their furry family and has an keen affinity for taming the furriest do. He is dedicated to providing the best care to your pet and a passion to make your pet as beautiful on the outside as ... Read More

Giardia- Get the scoop on poop!

    What is Giardia?

    Giardiasis is an intestinal infection of man and animals caused by a protozoan parasite Giardia intestinalis (also known asGiardia lamblia).

    "...it is not a "worm", bacteria or viru... Read More

Pet Pictures w/Santa- Just in time for holiday cards!

Be sure to stop in on Saturday, November 19th between 10am- 1pm to get your pet's picture with Santa by Eric Von Bargen.

Minimum donation $15, $5 each additional pet or $30 for a family photo.

All proceeds will ben... Read More

Halloween Costume Contest

We want to see your pet dressed in their spookiest, cutest or most creative costume on October 31st. Bring your pet in the office dressed for Halloween on October 31st to enter our costume contest. We will be voting on our favorite costume and you can win a $75 credit on your client account. ... Read More

Why does your pet need an exam?

Ever wonder what the veterinarian really can tell from a physical exam? From in the ears to under the tail, here is a great resource to get info on what they are really looking at in the exam room. Click Here!Read More

Hurricane Preparedness for your pet!

If a hurricane is approaching your town, do you have an evacuation plan in place that includes your pet? Start with these top tips to make sure your pet stays safe during a potential disaster.

1. Make a plan! Reading this post is a good start but here are some links for additi... Read More

Rebates, Coupons and Savings!

VECTRA - mail in or online www.VectraRebate.com *Must have coupon code

    Buy 3 doses / get 1 dose mailed to you

    Buy 6 doses / get 3 doses mailed to you

SENTINEL- online or mail in Read More

Featured Testimonial- July 2016

I have always been so pleased with the care my Sweet Lila has relieved at Atlantic Animal Hospital. She recently had to have surgery for the removal of a large bladder stone. The veterinarians took such good care of her, were great with informing me of her progress, and followed her clo... Read More

Pet friendly places to drive thru in Wilmington!

So, you have decided to start desensitizing your dog to riding in the car but where to go? The Wilmington area is packed full of pet-friendly places from drive- thrus, banks, parks, restaurants and more. Below is a list of so... Read More

Taking the fear out of a car ride for your dog

Some dogs love to go on car rides and you actually have to try to keep them home when you go to run your errands. But what about that dog who hides under the bed at the mention of that dreaded phrase "you want to go for a ride"?

If your dog fears car rides, like a cat to water, th... Read More

What do you do?

We get many compliments on the quality of service, and care, we provide our clients and patients. But what do you do if we didn't meet, or exceed, your expectations? We are human and, despite our best efforts, we know that there could be an occasion that we did not perform at our best. If thi... Read More

Featured Testimonial- June 2016

We are very pleased with the care our 2 dogs get from these folks. Very professional and truly have our dogs best interests at heart. Like the reminders we get by email about appointment. Very responsive in giving us appointments when we need them. Highly recommend.

- Jerry S... Read More

Heat stroke and your pet- Keeping them safe in the Wilmington heat.

Don't be deceived that it is okay to leave your pet in the car while you run in the store real quick. Those quick trips can easily be delayed by a slow cashier or running in to a neighbor. And the trip could never be quick enough for our furry friend that was left behind. <... Read More

Featured Testimonial- May

Dr. Rohrer and the staff here are incredible. They are so helpful and I can tell they take the health of my pups very seriously. They always communicate with me so well and are just awesome!!

-Angela C.

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Healthy snacks for your pet!

Let Basil show you what healthy snacks he enjoys.

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The dangers of snake bites!

Dr. Rohrer notes the dangers of snake bites, WECT.

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Featured Testimonial

All of the doctors at Atlantic Animal Hospital are so wonderful, as are the technicians. I know my pets are always in good hands & will be treated like family. Thank you Read More

Cancer can affect any pet, any time.

It was October 2013 when Cole started limping and came in to Atlantic Animal Hospital for an exam. Mrs. Head was not prepared to find out, during Cole's routine anal gland expression, that he had a mass in his anal gland. Over the next few days, tests were completed both on the anal gland mas... Read More

Dr. Parish discusses finding the right pet companion.

Check out this article in Star News Online, written by animal blogger Tom Grady and featuring our own Dr. Laurie Parish.

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Sweetie makes his TV debut!

Sweetie is pulling out all the stops to get a new home. He is ready for adoption. Check out his video on WECT!

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Amber loves her getting her teeth brush!

Check out this great video of Amber getting her teeth fresh and clean! YOUTUBE

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VOTE NOW! Best of Wilmington 2015

Our amazing clients have nominated us for Encore's Best of 2015 in the Best Veterinarian, Best Groomer and Best Place to Board Your Pet categories. If you agree, please CLICK HERE to vote. Polls close January 26th so don't wait and than... Read More

Are you getting a puppy for Christmas?

This 4 week course, with trainer Allison Bradley from Pawsitive Direction, will provide you the tools to effectively communicate with your puppy for a positive, healthy and happy relationship.Your puppy will have the opportunity to socialize with other puppies, and people, while learning ... Read More

Holiday Hours

Check out our holiday hours to ensure all of your pet care needs are met.

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Dr. Rohrer and Castille on WECT!

Check out Dr. Rohrer and Castille on WECT with Kim Ratcliff. WECT

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We are a cat friendly practice!

Atlantic Animal Hospital is proud to announce we are taking steps toward achieving our Cat Friendly Practice Certification!!!! We will be completing a comprehensive checklist of criteria to verify our staff is highly qualified and our hospital is designed to make every visit as stress free an... Read More

We're on YouTube!

We are excited to announce that you can now follow our YouTube channel. There are only a few videos now, but watch for more to follow.

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Best of Wilmington 2014

We were voted the Best Veterinarian in Wilmington 2014! Check out Wilmington Magazines' "Best of Wilmington" edition to see all of the top choices Wilmington has to offer.

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Follow us on Twitter!

Don't use Facebook? Then follow us on Twitter! Quick snippets to keep you updated with what is happening at Atlantic Animal Hospital.

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ACP Treatment now available for your pet!

ACP Treatment (Autologous Condition Plasma)

Used for years in human medicine, ACP is revolutionizing how we can treat your pets. ACP allows for a natural treatment by using your pet's own plate... Read More

Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations to all of our March Puppy Class graduates. If you have a puppy under 6 months of age we would love for him/her to be a part of our next class. We expect to have a class starting in June so call today to save your spot. Click here to learn more about our trainer, Allison Bradl... Read More

Puppy Classes Return in March!

The puppy classes in January were so successful we are doing it again. The next round of classes start in March and we are now enrolling puppies under 6 months of age. Classes begin Thursday, March 6th from 7:00-8:00pm and will be held every Thursday for 4 weeks. Allison Bradley from Pa... Read More

Let us come to you!

Cold weather got you down? Don't worry about struggling to get your pet in to the office, we will come to you. Dr. Duffy is available on Wednesdays to bring our great veterinary care right to your door. Call today to make your appointment and see how easy we make it to provide superior care t... Read More

Join the Pearly White Club!

Let your pet be part of the 2014 Pearly White Club! February is Dental Health month and we will be offering 15% off your pet's dental procedure. We are filling up fast so call now to get your pet's smile sparkling and improve their dental health!

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3rd Annual C.A.R.E. fundraiser!

Coastal Animal Rescue Effort will be having the 3rd annual fundraiser to help pets in medical need. The Pets Rock event will be held Friday, March 21st from 7:00-10:00pm at The Terraces on Sir Tyler. Expect a great time with fabulous food, cash bar, entertainment and a silent auction with amaz... Read More

January is Behavior month at Atlantic Animal Hospital

Follow us on Facebook to get information on common behavior issues, medical conditions that can affect your pet's behavior and great things you can do to enrich your pets' life.

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