Veterinary Assistants

Denise, Veterinary Assistant- Supervisor

I was born in New Jersey but relocated to Wilmington to attend UNC-Wilmington. I have grown up around mostly cats but enjoy all animals. While Atlantic Animal Hospital is not the first veterinary office I have worked at, I am glad to be a part of this family. The unconditional love and companionship that animals provide has helped steer my career path. My position here provides me amazing experiences which I hope will prepare me for attending veterinary school someday.

Kaitlin, Veterinary Assistant

I have always appreciated the quirky personalities and unconditional love that animals possess. The opportunity to help advocate for these pets and be a part of that unspoken bond animals share with us drove me to seek working at Atlantic Animal Hospital. Since starting here in 2018, I have had the chance to develop skills as a kennel technician, patient care assistant and most recently transitioned to veterinary assistant. With this experience, the support of my team here, my boyfriend and my sweet golden retriever Ernie, I hope to continue my education and become a registered veterinary technician.

Mckenzie, Veterinary Assistant

I was born and raised in Florida and then moved to Wilmington for school. I love animals because they are loyal and no matter how rough life gets they are always wagging their tails and living their best life. I chose to work at an animal hospital because I love learning about animals and having knowledge about how to care for them. I currently have 2 pets of my own a dog named Jane and a cat named Theo. My future career aspirations definitely include continuing work in a veterinary setting and starting an animal rescue.

Alyssa, Veterinary Assistant

I was born in New London, Connecticut but was raised a little here and a little there in NC. After coming to Wilmington on vacation I decided not to leave. I am very passionate about client education and expanding my knowledge of different surgical procedures for pets. I love animals because of the ability to connect with them as well as learn new and innovative ways to treat them. I joined the Atlantic Animal Hospital team with 3 years of veterinary assistant experience and am excited about the opportunity to be a part of a progressive and innovated veterinary hospital. I currently have a pitbull named Jack, which I rescued last year, and love him more than anything! My goals in the future are to grow in my knowledge of surgical procedures, continue to help educate owners on the best care for their pets and to advocate for pitbull rescues, as well as the breed.

Kelsi, Veterinary Assistant

I have been born and raised here in Wilmington, NC. I love animals because they always put a smile on my face even on the worst days. I love working at an animal hospital because spending my time and helping them is what I love to do and I want to make a difference to those that need it. I have some experience with pet sitting for farm animals as well as working at a daycare facility and have had about 3 years experience as a vet assistant. I currently have 3 dogs; Kamdyn Ray, Heidi Mae, Tizzy Marie and an orange kitty named Fefe Lou. I hope to take all my experience and knowledge that I have and become a vet tech in the near future to open up different opportunities.

Nika, Veterinary Assistant

I love animals because of their personalities and companionship. Also, I want to be an advocate for their health and well-being. I have had some personal experiences by working on a farm and working in a previous animal clinic to help gain knowledge while also growing my passion to help animals in need. I currently have 2 Pitbull mixes of my own. My long term goal is to go to vet school and become a veterinarian.

Madison, Veterinary Assistant

Brittany, Veterinary Assistant

I grew up in San Diego and moved to Wilmington a few years ago to be closer to family. I have 2 beautiful girls, 3 dogs, a hamster and 2 fish! Needless to say we love animals. I have always wanted to work in the medical field and have had a passion for animal since I was a little girl. I chose to come to Atlantic because I only heard positive things about the doctors and staff and I wanted to be a part of a hospital that truly takes pride in their employees and clients. My favorite part about animals is their forgiving nature and the ability to love unconditionally.

Anna, Patient Care Assistant

I was born in St. Louis, Missouri and moved here after my husband and I completed a bicycle tour and found ourselves in love with Wilmington. My dad is a veterinarian back home in Missouri so I have always been an animal lover. I worked as an assistant there for awhile so when I had the opportunity to work here, after being impressed by the reviews online, I knew Atlantic was where I wanted to continue my career. I love having the opportunity to make all the cats and dogs here happy and healthy again and feeling like I have made an impact in their lives.

Ashley S., Patient Care Assistant

I was born in Raleigh and raised in Cary NC, I moved here with the military and decided to stay in the area and attend school. I have previous experience working in a veterinary office, volunteering with local animal shelters and fostering dogs. I love animals because they have such unconditional love and chose Atlantic because of the welcoming staff and the positive environment. I think some of my strengths come from becoming independent and having the motivation to push myself to do what is best for me and making a good future for myself. I currently have a German Shepard named Athena who I adore. She loves long walks and playing fetch. I am currently in school to pursue my veterinary technician degree.

Farrah, Patient Care Assistant

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