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Donna, Operator

I was born in Winston-Salem, NC but have moved all over including Oklahoma, Tennessee and a variety of cities in North Carolina. I chose Wilmington to get a fresh start on life but mainly for the warmer weather. I love animals, for all the obvious reason such as unconditional love and devotion, the puppy kisses and sometimes if you are lucky their goofy grins. I love how they always know when you are sad and want to make you feel better. I wanted to work at Atlantic Animal Hospital because I wanted a place that would help me reach my career goals, gain hands on experience and if you love your work, it never feels like work. I have experience in volunteer work for varies animal species, basic obedience training, doggie daycare facilities and am certified in animal CPR. I have 2 dogs which are named Dutchess and Tank as well as an outside cat that adopted me as their own plus my little gerbil named Joey.

Jennifer, Receptionist

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Makayla, Operator

Nikki, Customer Service Supervisor

Hanna, Customer Service Representative

I was born and raised right here in Wilmington! I love the different personalities that animals have, and working at an animal hospital awards me the chance to see these personalities in all shapes and sizes! I value kindness to animals, and I love that this is reflected at Atlantic! Most of my experience comes from taking care of my own animals. I have a brown tabby named Ramsey and a calico tortoiseshell named Bill. I can't wait to continue learning about and spending time with animals!

Sarah, Customer Service Representative

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